Fall 2020 Masters

2021-06-281830Club DomePiranhasMorning Wood2.5
2021-06-281930Club DomeJuggernautManchesthair United1.5
2021-06-282030Club DomeNO MASWashups1.5
2021-06-281900Le RinqueOGSavageBros of Destruction1.5
2021-06-282000Le RinqueBoratPheonix2.5
2021-06-282100Le RinqueDeewersTasmanian Devils1.5
2021-06-282200Le RinqueMighty PucksAsian Express2.5
2021-06-291830Club DomeBeer CapsPremium Garage Doors1
2021-06-291930Club DomeFireSekure6
2021-06-292030Club DomeRed BullsPylons1
2021-06-292130Club DomeLiving the DreamAs6
2021-06-292230Club DomeFrenchiesLes Boys2.5
2021-06-291900Le RinqueCobrasBros of Destruction B1
2021-06-292000Le RinqueDark KnightsBulletproof2.5
2021-06-292100Le RinqueSharpshootersBengals6
2021-06-301830Club DomeFathers and SonsGolden Shafts0.5
2021-06-301930Club DomeFuryPhoque your Feelings2
2021-06-302030Club DomeBullsRevengers2
2021-06-301900Le RinqueThunderboltsLeft Sharks0.5
2021-06-302000Le RinqueOutlawsAlliance2
2021-06-302100Le RinqueUsual SuspectsSupernova0.5

Team FilZach trades George Kounelakos and Nikitos Fotakis to Team Tasso for Darryl Chicoine and Mitch Herman
Team AJ Gilles Charbonneau replaces Steph Lacasse
Team MikeRyan Marcello Cavalino replaces Marc Jeannotte
Team MikeRyan Trevor Laroche replaces Vince Paquette
Team MikeRyan Jay Davidson replaces Kevin H
Team FilZach trades Gates Lodico and Angelo Triconi to Team ChrisMike for Big Al and Stacey Osborne
Team ChrisMike replaces Jesse Goodsell and Carlos Sarasua with Shaun Binsley and Bob Deleon
Team FilZach replaces Big Al with Scott Jackson
Team MarkVic replace Elie Nasrie with Marc Lasnier
Team MarkVic replace Spyro S with Rob Tobgi
Team Garry replaces Costa A with Dan Duffour
Team Garry trades Bryan Tock to FilZach for Mitch Herman
Team FilZach replaces Bryan Tock with Nick Rother
Team MarkVic has Sonny Patel sharing a spot with Mark McGee

Team Jeff replaces Dino Foglietta with Pierre Dovala

Team Steve replaces Dinos Papoulios with Nolan Santos

Team AJ replaces Eric Turcot with Gordie Hildebrand

Team AJ replaces Mike Helfield with Dennis Bolland

Team MikeRyan replaces Trevor Wilson with Sam Laverdiere

Team MikeRyan replaces Jimmy Goral witg Gerry Mahmouridis

Team ChrisMike replaces Dan Smith with Laurent Cohen

Team MikeP replace Manish Patel wth Chris Robillard

Team ChrisLe replace Chris Igreja with Rich Cheong

Team ChrisLe replace Scott S’Amico with Benji Teboul

Team Garry replace Danny Figura with David Boxwell

Team AJ replace Marc-Andre Laroche with Eric Farmer

Team ChrisLe replace Vince Perron with Sonny Patel

Team MikeP replaces Mike Poole with Donald Fitzpatrick