MBHL Update

Exciting news for team sports was announced by the Quebec government this week.  It’s so encouraging to hear that things are starting up again and we look forward to the day that we will be back in full swing.

For now, there are many unanswered questions about what is allowed.  Our understanding is that outdoor practice but no games will be allowed starting June 8th.   They say a modified form of play that respects social distancing could be allowed in a month.

So for mbhl ball hockey, what does this mean ?  

1) We assume our facilities at Le Rinque and Dome will probably get the green light to open soon as restaurants seem to be a go for June 15th.  We are working on getting information about this that we will share with you as soon as we know.   At first we may allow teams to have just a few practices in order to get back into it.  Let’s call these practices MBHL phase 1 return.

2) Do we need to play 3×3 or 4×4 in a phase 2 on our 5×5 surfaces in order to be safe ?  Hockey Quebec has published phases for ice hockey that involves games with less players at the beginning.  Perhaps this will be our Phase 2 informal games with less players.

3) Will we need to modify the equipment we wear in games for safety ?   This is something we have to finalize before we return to regular game mode.

4) We have already started discussing small rule changes that can help to limit some of the parts of the game that have more close contact without moving around.  Expect further info soon on this.

We will be publishing more frequent updates on this site now that things are starting to move.  Visit for news.

Please continue to follow guidelines and stay safe.  Hopefully things continue to go well and we can all be passing around that orange ball again soon.