New game rules starting now

Instigating a fight

Anyone instigating a fight will be suspended until at least September 1st.  We just can’t have increased physical contact.

Verbal altercation

If a verbal altercation between players and/or player and referee occurs at less than 10 feet distance, the offending player shall receive a minimum of a 10 minute misconduct for unsportsmanlike conduct or a gross misconduct (ejection) which includes an automatic suspension.  Please avoid arguments with other players and officials.


Anyone spitting on the floor or benches will be receive a 10 minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.  There will be a garbage can on the player benches that someone can use to spit if this is absolutely necessary.  A 2nd incident in the same game, the player will be ejected and faces a possible suspension.

Three seconds in The Key

No player may remain in The Key attacking zone longer than three (3) seconds. In order to be considered out of the key, both his feet must be outside.  (The Key is defined as directly in front of the net and in the slot; roughly a triangle from the faceoff dots to the edge of the crease). This rule does not apply if the ball is in The Key. For any violation, the referee’s whistle shall be blown, and a faceoff will take place at the nearest faceoff dot in the neutral zone.

Against the boards: Three (3) seconds to move the ball

Within three feet (one meter) of the boards, when there are two or more players from opposing teams nearby and no player in clear possession the referee’s whistle shall be blown, and a faceoff conducted at the nearest faceoff dot. This rule would apply if, for example, the ball was pinned against the boards, or there is a continued battle in a player’s feet, etc.

Closing the hand on the ball

Players are permitted to handle the ball when it is in the air (defined as briefly closing their hand on the ball). That being said, the ball must be immediately dropped to the playing surface, without the player having gained any advantage over their opponent, either in space, time, direction, etc. Any player not respecting this rule may receive a delay of game penalty.


The ball must touch the playing surface before players are allowed to make contact with it. Players must then play the ball with their sticks, without touching their opponent at the faceoff. For any violation, the whistle will be blown, the center at fault will be ejected from participating in the following faceoff, and a new faceoff procedure will take place. Any team committing two infractions on the same faceoff may receive a delay of game penalty.

Double Minors

All double-minor penalties will count as a single infraction.