MBHL masks required at arenas but NOT during games

Some new rules will be going into effect tomorrow on Saturday for wearing masks in public spaces.  We have confirmed with the minister of Sports that masks will not be required during game play.  That being said, our venues will be enforcing some the rules as required by the government.  You will be required to wear a mask into the building and should remove it only when you head on to the surface to play your game.   If you use the changing rooms, you can leave it there and walk onto the surface.  If you do not use the changing rooms then leave with your personal belongings when you head onto the surface.   If you are watching the game prior to yours you are required to wear a mask.  Once the game is over, you will need to wear a mask to leave the venue, to go into the resto-bar or shower areas.  Basically, any time you move around, you must have a mask.

Please be mindful that it the venues will be enforcing this rule but we expect all players to take it upon themselves to ensure it is followed for 1 important reason – this has been determined to be what’s safest for all of us.  But also inspectors will be making visits that could lead to fines or shutdown if we do not respect the rules.  Thank you.

A few other details that are also important to follow…

  • Each player must bring his own water bottle to the game.  This must become a new habit.
  • Club Dome does not allow fans.  Please respect directives of staff if they ask fans to leave.
  • Le Rinque has agreed to allow as many players as you feel you need on the bench to play the game.  The balcony still has a max of 12 people.
  • Both venues now have operational bars, please do not bring any outside beverages into the locations.
  • If your group would like some additional scrimmage time at Rinque or Dome, please let us know.