Process changes

The Quebec government has begun with more restrictions.  They have clearly indicated that sports is allowed to continue and that team sports have not been a major issue for spreading the virus.  I wanted to remind everyone about following the traffic flow guidelines in our venues listed below.  Also please listen to the staff at our venues as guidelines may change as we hear more from health authorities.

Dome- Teams should be leaving the dressing rooms and going along the wall of the dome towards the player benches.  They should wait until the other team has cleared out their stuff.  Then they proceed onto the surface while the timekeeper cleans the player benches.  Once the benches are clean, you can use them to put your water bottles, extra sticks etc.  At the end of the game the teams collect their personal items and depart by the back door.

Le Rinque- Teams enter the surface and put their personal items along the boards somewhere and start warming up.  Teams ending go collect their personal items off the player benches and leave once the next teams are on the surface.  Rinque personnel will clean the player benches then the teams starting can proceed to using your bench.

Also we have a few procedural items that we would like to firm up for the Fall season that just started.  Please review and expect that we will gradually be adopting these procedures this week and will be more strict starting next week-

  1. Rosters.  We would like to start a new process to facilitate managers getting your rosters correct.  Please send an email with your roster for the game by game time to [email protected].  This roster must include first and last name and the correct number for all players.  It should also indicate any injured players that will be in the building to receive credit for a game played.  That person must go to see the league manager to confirm their presence.  If an email is impossible, then a paper copy of the roster can be used as an alternative on occasion.  This will help with the
  2. Game Start.  Please note that shortly after the completion of the game prior to yours, the timekeeper will be putting up 29 minutes on the clock and start it running.  If you want to get your full 25 minutes of playing time please ensure your team is lined up for the opening faceoff at 25mins.  If only one team is ready to go at 25mins, then the other team will be assessed a 2 minor delay of game minor penalty.   Note that a game can only start when the referees are ready so the clock will stop at 25mins and no penalty will be assessed if the referees are not ready to drop the ball.
  3. 48hrs scoresheet changes.  Please note that you have 48hrs afters the end of your game to submit any mistakes for that game to [email protected].  After this time, no adjustments will be made to goals, assists or games played for players to be eligible for playoffs.
  4. Jerseys.  We ask that have a complete set of jerseys of the same color with distinct numbers.  Teams not adhering to this should expect that we will be reaching in the coming week or two to rectify the situation.  Please fix up things for your team before this needs to happen.  We will start using pinnies for color conflicts.
  5. NBHPA.  Our membership in this group will require everyone to register by some time in October.  When an official deadline is available, we will let you know.  But please keep In mind this is $20/year and comes with insurance, some discounts on merchandise at Le Rinque and other vendors.  Once you are registered we need to link your player IDs into the players on our site.  This will fixup any spelling errors and make sure you have all your teams linked to the profile.  A process for this will be ironed out soon.  Please note that the league managers will not be able to help you sign up.  You can do this on your phone at the arena if needed. This also gives you 10% off gear at Le Rinque and any purchase at Le Rinque bar.