MBHL Update

The news in Quebec is improving on the pandemic and we are watching closely for when we can resume our seasons that were stopped way back in October.  Depending on when we are allowed to play games, we may adjust the total number of games (add or remove) and price to end at an appropriate time which would allow us to get back on our normal schedule of seasons starting in May, September and January.   We would also allow new teams to join the leagues that were already in progress.   It may be a good time to just get in touch with your teammates and see if they are ready to play once the government gives us the green light.

In the meantime, Le Rinque did receive the green light to open their doors on February 27th.  They are allowed to have 2 people or a family bubble on each half surface.  Cost to rent is $80/hour.  If you are interested, contact [email protected].

I am sure we are all looking forward to getting back out there and perhaps even sharing a beer with friends we have not seen in way too long.