MBHL and vaccine passport

The Quebec government has officially announced that vaccine passports are required for team sports starting September 1st.  Our venues are preparing for scanning QR codes at that time.  During the first 2 weeks while we are testing out the system and everyone is ironing out their passports or getting that last shot, players will not be prevented from playing games.  Starting September 16th, a valid vaccine passport will be required to enter the facilities and play any game.  We realize that this timing is awkward as many leagues will be in the middle of the playoffs.  In order to help teams out that are losing players who are unable to play, we will be lowering playoff eligibility to 1 game played starting on September 16th.  If you have regular season games left, this would be an opportunity to qualify a couple of people to use later on.  Teams must still respect the cap for the league that they are playing in at all times.  Please reach out asap to Norm or Jeff if your team will not be able to play once the passports rules are enforced. 

Please stay safe and continue to follow all safety guidelines before and after your games. Keep your distances in dressing rooms and wear masks when moving around the facilities. All team members should bring their own water bottles as well.

Good luck to everyone in the playoffs!