Playoff updates

The fall season playoffs are around the corner. See below for a summary of the playoff plan for each league. We will be adding the playoff bracket to the site this week and they appear under the standings. If you click on the blue ‘+’, you can see the dates planned for the games. Times and arenas will be decided the week prior. As usual, once we know the matchups we can try to adjust but all teams should be trying to plan ahead for these dates. It will be a rush to the holiday break and getting the finals in. In order the qualify for playoffs in a 10 game season, you must play 3 games as a player or 1 game as a goalie. In a 6 game season, it’s 2 games as a player and 1 as a goalie. Good luck to all!

D league 4 teams

All teams to semis Nov 23 or 24 and Nov 30 or Dec 1.

Finals Dec 7 or 8 and 14 or 15

G league 6 teams

All make it.

3v6 and 4v5 quarters Dec 8

Semis 1st and 2nd vs quarters winners Dec 9 and Dec 15

Finals Dec 16 and 20

H league 12 teams

11 make it. 

Play in round 11v6, 10v7 and 8v9 Dec 6.

Quarters Dec 7.

Semis Dec 13 and 14

Finals Dec 20 and 21

I league 7 teams

6 make it.  Quarters Dec 7 3v6 and 4v5.

Semis Dec 10 and 14.

Finals Dec 17 and 21.

J league 5 teams

All make it

4v5 Dec 6

Semis Dec 8 and 13

Finals Dec 15 and 20

K league 4 teams

All make it

Nov 28 and Dec 5 semis

Dec 12 and 19 finals

Masters 11 teams

All make it

Dec 8 play in 6vs11 7vs10 and 8vs9

Dec 9 Quarters

Dec 14 and 16 Semis

Dec 17 and 19 or 20 and 21 Finals

N league 8 teams

All make it

Sunday division 4 teams dec 5 quarters

Wednesday division 4 teams dec 8 quarters

Semis is mixed between divsions Dec 12 and 15

Finals Dec 19 and 21

Y Coed 7 teams

All make it.

Quarters 2vs7 3vs6 4vs5 Dec  3 or 5

Semis Dec 10 and 12

Finals Dec 17 and 19