We have been saying that all MBHL players need to be members of NBHPA since before covid struck and messed up a few consecutive seasons.  The time has come to get it done.  This will give everyone their sports accident insurance coverage and allow us to integrate your NBHPA profile which will make several areas of the site work much better overall.  We are putting out a deadline of the first game of the new winter season in January, 2022 to get everyone registered.  After this time, any unregistered full time players will not be allowed to play.  Membership is $20 for a full calendar year.  Please do this on www.mbhl.ca and choose Registration->Subscribe NBHPA as it allows us to be notified when you have signed up.  We ask captains to please be pro-active in getting all their players signed up asap as it will allow us to use the registration for winter teams on the site as well before the season starts.  This would get all the regulars on the team with the correct spelling and profiles.  Tks!