NBHPA membership

All MBHL players need to sign-up for their annual NBHPA membership by April 25th or they will not be able to be added to any games on the site.   We ask all captain to coordinate with their team signing up and send us an email with the NBHPA IDs for all their team members.  Once all current players are registered, we will be able to merge all the seasons that each player has played into their profile.  We can also start to use the team registration portion of the site for captains to setup their rosters ahead of each season.  This will help make rosters more obvious for captains and league managers.   We will also be able to properly assign each player current ranking on the site as well which will facilitate managing the caps in the system.   This is also a stepping stone to finally loading the historical seasons from 1991-2019 on the new site so people can see their old stats and teams.

This registration also gives each player an annual sports accident insurance, which helps with costs related to injuries that occur in the game.  It also provides a 10% discount on Legends merchandise purchased at Le Rinque pro shop.

In order to register, please go to www.mbhl.ca and select Registration->Subscribe NBHPA.  You will need a credit card current picture to complete the process. The cost of this membership is $20 annually.

Please don’t wait until we have a stressful situation at our arenas where league managers will have to make players try to sign up on their phone just before their game.  Please organize your teams now.  This process is long overdue as we have been delaying it during all the COVID seasons.