MBHL Fall Update

Dome Sale

We wanted to give everyone an update on the latest news around the sale of the Club Dome.   The deal has not been signed yet but they are still negotiating.  There would be no changes inside there until May 2024, at the earliest.  Given that we have other choices in the summer season, MBHL will be fine until at least September 2024.   We still have the 3 years left on our lease with Club Dome until August 2026 as well.  The new group has reached out to us to discuss space requirements inside the Club Dome, so it is possible that we would be there long term.  These are interesting times so stay tuned for any further updates.


NBHPA IDs are now required to be renewed for the next year.   Right now expired players can no longer be added to scoresheets which is causing a mess in the stats.   Please reach out to your team and ask everyone to renew ASAP.   There will be an October 8th deadline where our timekeepers will prevent players from playing if they don’t have an up to date passport. There is an article published last year that explains all the details around this association if you want more details. You can renew at www.nbhpa.com, login to your profile and there is a button to renew.

Fall Season

Fall scheduling will be completed soon.   Most leagues already have their dates until the playoffs. In terms of off night games – D, N, Q, Coed and Legends leagues will have some Sundays. K will play mostly Mon-Wed. Masters will have some Fridays. Given the number of teams for 1 surface, we need to use the 10/1030pm timeslot Monday-Thursday.   We realize this is not the most popular time to play so we will be sharing this between all the teams on that night. If your team prefers an extra Sunday game instead of this timeslot, please let Jeff or Norm know what date and it can probably be arranged.  Playoffs will scheduled as follows-  Quarters Dec 3-8, Semis Dec 10-15 and Finals Dec 17-21.   Please warn your players.

League Setup

There has been a few changes recently with who does what for the league.   We would like to thank Manish Patel for all his years as a timekeeper and also for taking on further responsibilites in the last year. Here is a quick rundown to keep everyone up to date on current roles.

AJ – Happy Hour and Tiny Tots

Jeff – Youth and Team Contacts

Erik – Rankings and Player Data

Rich – Referees and Suspensions

Norm – Schedule, Legends, Masters and a bunch of other random stuff